Thursday, 4 February 2010

New templates

Hi all is chaotic at the moment but have managed to make a couple more templates
Hope you like them and have fun using them
Hugs Jackie

Download template 13 HERE

Down load template 14 HERE

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Green Goddess tut

Ok now i know i must be mad trying my hand at tut writing, but you only live once so go for it lol

Well here it is, it called Green Goddess and i hope you like it its a very simple tut and all beginners should be able to follow it without any porblems

Green Goddess
Scrap kit HERE By Scraps By Jessica

A Tube of choice
3 masks of choice
Eye candy 4

Choose 3 papers from Envious kit, open new image 680 by 600(resizing later) Copy and paste as new layer, apply 1st mask.

2nd paper copy paste as new layer, resize 80%, add 2nd mask of choice.

Do exactly the same to the 3rd paper but this time resize by 70% add 3rd mask of choice.
Change the top layer to overlay, merge visible.

Now add your tube of choice, resize if need be and add drop shadow of choice.

Add frame one, resize 90% add drop shadow, if you are having your tube part in part out of the frame. I find it easier to duplicate the tube, move the duplicate tube layer above the frame and erase the parts you don’t want showing, then on the original tube layer erase the parts that are showing on the duplicate layer(did that make sense...)

Now place the glitter doodle to bottom left hand corner and add drop shadow of choice
Then add the flower sprig green resize 70% image mirror and place on top of the glitter doodle don’t forget your drop shadow.
Add the flower sprig white image resize 60% image mirror and place on top of the green flower spring, move it just so it’s off the green flowers

Now place the bow and gem on top of the stem part of the flower sprigs add a drop shadow. Place the tag on top of the bow and gem and then move below, add drop shadow of choice, use the deform tool to move it to an angle you like. Mine is slightly up to the right.

Add name or wording in a pretty font of choice and a thin gradient glow of green using eye candy 4.
And then add your drop shadow.

Crop and thenmerge visible, resize to size of tag you prefer i like mine fairly large, but each to their own.

Don’t forget to add the correct © details for the tube.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Masks(last yrs)

Heres a set of masks i did last yr too.

Hope you can use them

Grab them HERE

Newest Template

Made this one last week...been a while. Not sure about wording tho. I used it as my header image . Let me know what you think. Be gentle :0)

If you like it grab it HERE

Template 12

This is the last of 2008 templates. I think this one was done in May last yr

You can grab it HERE

Template 11

Template 11

You can grab this HERE

Wallpaper Template

Something new, may not work lol but all you can do is try

You can get this HERE

Templates zipped

Thought i would be kind and zip the templates in 10's as well incase you dont want to download them 1 at a time . See how kind i am :0)

You can get them HERE

Number 10

Template 10

You can get it HERE

Number 9

Template 9

You can get it HERE